Artist to Watch: Royal Teeth


Back in September I was given the opportunity to go to Boston Calling through BU Central but to be honest, I knew absolutely none of the bands. However, while researching to learn about some of them before I went, I discovered one of my new favorite bands, the New Orleans based pop-rock group, Royal Teeth.

Their song “Hold Me” really caught my attention. It’s dreamy background is highlighted by ukulele and a catchy drum beat. Before I knew it I had listened to their entire set on Spotify. Their mellow vibe makes it so easy to hit play and just sit back and relax to some good music.

ImageBoth of their albums, Act Naturally and Glow, have an electronic edge without being overpowering. They are still able to maintain their indie vibe but with a bit of flare. Each album has a generous mix of upbeat pop songs like “We Can Glow,” and “Wild,” indie soul tunes like “Heartbeats,” and even some more emotional ballads such as “Waiting For You.”

I seriously cannot stop listening to this band and have listened to them constantly since Boston Calling. I enjoyed seeing them earlier this year so much that I’ve already scouted their upcoming concert schedule and will most definitely be attending their show at Paradise Rock Club on November 15th.

They’re currently touring with headliner The Mowgli’s and X Ambassadors. So if you get the chance this November, this is one band I would wholeheartedly recommend seeing live.

[This is a repost from BU Central Music Blog, Nov 6, 2013]

All photos by Emily Pazur