Concert Review: Blessthefall

The metalcore band Blessthefall formed way back in 2004 out of Arizona and released their first album, His Last Walk, in 2007. Vocalist Beau Bokan joined the band for their second album in 2009 and the rest is history. The band is signed to Rise Records and has toured on warped tour for several years and on independent tours withbands such as Crown the Empire, Silverstein, and Escape The Fate.

Their current Hard Feelings tour will hit 30 cities across America to promote their latest album, Hard Feelings, which was released in March of this year. Blessthefall headlined at the Blind Tiger in Greensboro on Sept 12 with supporting artists The War Within, The Word Alive, Ded, and Thousand Below. Shortly before the tour started, the band announced that drummer Matt Traynor would not be continuing with the band after the tour citing to spend more time with family.

I will admit, normally this is not the type of show I would go to but I’d heard of Blessthefall from all my years of attending Warped Tour so I reached out to them and asked to shoot their show which they graciously agreed to. (Check out the gallery below of the images I captured at the show!)

The first band was A War Within and they really put on a great show. I was surprised by the low turnout overall but these guys embraced it. There was one particularly enthusiastic mosher that caught the attention of the singer and he made him come up to the stage so he could sing to him. On the next song, the singer then jumped into the crowd and sang (screamed) as┬áthe audience surrounded him. I love when bands involve the crowd, especially when they know most of them aren’t there specifically to see them. They want to make you remember them and, hey, it worked.

Ded really took their name to heart with each member sporting cloudy contact lenses to make them look, well, dead. Not gonna lie, wasn’t feeling it. But I did enjoy their stage presence and the fog and head banging really made for some great shots. I’d really like bands/light directors to stop using red lighting though…my complaint to all of the music industry for us photographers. It is honestly the worst especially for editing. Please and thank you.

But back to the main event, Blessthefall. There really is a reason these guy’s were headlining this tour. They stole the show. They jumped around on and off of risers, involvedthe audience by taking birthday shots with them for Jared,

encouraged moshing and crowd surfing, letting people come up and stage dive during their sets, etc, etc. It seriously was a fun show even for someone who isn’t the most familiar with their discography. At this point the crowd was a little bit bigger but still was not as big as I was expecting for a band that has been around for as long as they have, but it was obvious that they were here for Blessthefall and enjoyed every minute of it. The energy was tangible the entire time. Midway through the set Beau (vocalist) announced that it was Jared’s (bassist) “birthday month” and they were celebrating by seeing how many shots he could take each night, trying to set a new record. At this point, the tour record was 6, I believe. Soon the side stage where I was shooting was filled with audience members with shots for Jared. They brought the shots on stage and round one was 8 shots. A few songs later more shots appeared and while Jared was ready to pound them down, Beau said that “as a father” he didn’t think he could let him do that many in one night. So naturally, they helped him out. Even moments like these where there was no music playing were fun. This band knows how to engage the crowd, perform their set, and keep the energy alive the whole time.

Yes, it was loud. It was bright. It was fun. It was an experience and one that I would recommend checking out for yourself if you get the chance. Big thanks to Blessthefall for letting me attend and shoot their show. I’m glad to have these shots in my portfolio. Check out the gallery below.




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