Echosmith Isn’t Just Talking Dreams…They’re Living Them

The California indie-pop band, Echosmith, released their highly anticipated debut album Talking Dreams on October 8th. The band is made up of four siblings– Jaime, Noah, Sydney, and Graham Sierota –with the youngest being the age of your average high school freshman. They formed the band in 2009 and were picked up by Warner Bros. Records in 2012. The band’s first major exposure came when their first single, “Tonight We’re Making History,” was used in an NBC promo for the 2012 Summer Olympics. In 2013, the band graced Alternative Press’ list of the “100 Bands You Need to Know.”

I first heard Echosmith this past summer at Warped Tour, where I got their summer sampler for free and promptly listened to three of the songs that would eventually find their way onto their new album – “Come Together,” “Cool Kids,” and the album’s single, “Talking Dreams.” I have been not-so-patiently waiting for October 8th ever since.

The album provides a great mix of indie and pop, with ballads like “Bright” and “Surround You” and even some heavier rock beats found in its title track. Sydney Sierota’s voice is one of a kind and simply mesmerizing. Her effortless vocals and the band’s flawless harmonies give the album a sound of its own. Each song on the album brings something new to the table and truly exemplifies the extraordinary capabilities of these young, talented musicians. From wanting to fit in with the “cool kids” to songs about love, this album can be relatable to listeners of any age. This band has truly created a great debut album that leaves me more excited for their future.

Alternative Press definitely had it right with these four…Echosmith is one band everyone needs to know.

[This is a repost from BU Central Music Blog, Oct 23, 2013.]