For Boston, With Love

Still not ready to stop celebrating the Red Sox winning the World Series? Yeah, me neither. So while everyone starts to talk about which players are being offered (or not offered) contracts for next season…you can just sit right there with your #GetBeard t-shirt and your ‘Go Red Sox’ posters, close your eyes, listen to these playlists and continue to revel in the glory of The City of Champions.

Okay, so no…we don’t have Frank Sinatra serenading us about his love for our city, but we do have some pretty fantastic artists craving another taste of the actual best city in the world…(Boston, of course). And let’s not forget about all the AMAZING bands that got their start right here in Beantown — Aerosmith, The Cars, The Dropkick Murphys, J. Geils Band, and, well duh, Boston.

Let’s take a look at playlist number one. The one for the Red Sox diehards who can’t help but tear up at the fact that we now have to wait six months for more baseball. You’ve got the Fenway traditions — “Dirty Water,” “Tessie,” and “Sweet Caroline.” Then there’s the tracks simply dedicated to the beauty of The Fens and the players to grace the grass such as Jonathan Richman’s “As We Walk to Fenway Park in Boston Town,” and Warren Zevon’s “Bill Lee.”  For me, this playlist wouldn’t be complete without the most iconic walk up song of the season, Victorino’s “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley and The Wailers. Just make sure you cut the music and scream “’cause every little thing’s gonna be alright” at the appropriate times (which you should know, Red Sox fan…).

Lastly, playlist number two, for those of you who are just diehard Beantown fans. This one’s for you. A collection of some of the best songs written for/about our beloved Cradle of Liberty. Who would have thought people liked Mass Ave, the Mass Pike, or even Allston enough to write songs about them! Long Island natives Brand New even took to the studio to record a song called “Logan to Government Center” for their debut album Your Favorite Weapon (which is actually one of my favorites on the list).

So now, as I leave you to reminisce on the events of the past few weeks, I hope you’ll always remember that, in the words of this year’s World Series MVP……

“This is our fuckin’ city!”

“Oh, Boston you’re my home.” –The Standells

[This is a repost from BU Central Music Blog, Nov 11, 2013.]