Getting Political On a Sunday Night: New Politics at The Blind Tiger


New Politics came through Greensboro this past Sunday taking the stage at The Blind Tiger with Bikini Trills. Their last album was released in 2017, titled Lost in Translation. They did announce at the show that they’ve been in the studio working on another album so fingers crossed for some new tunes soon!

The last time I saw New Politics was a few years back when they opened on Paramore’s Monumentour with Fall Out Boy. That tour, due to the big names they toured with, was mostly stadiums and bigger venues but this time around with New Politics as the headliner, the shows were considerably smaller. The audience at Sunday’s show was pretty average for what I’ve seen at the Blind Tiger, around 100-150 people would be my estimate. Not huge by any means but a decent crowd for a smaller band but certainly not lacking in enthusiasm. The demographic was mostly on the younger side, high school or early college, with the few token older couples. At one point during the show Soren made a point to say “we might not have the biggest fan base but we have the best fan base” which was followed by an uproar from the audience.

Their set was comprised of songs from each of their albums. They released their first album, New Politics, in 2010, followed by A Bad Girl In Harlem (2013), Vikings in 2015, and their latest Lost in Translation in 2017. They took off with their single “Harlem” off of A Bad Girl in Harlem after it got radio air time on top channels following the release of their album in 2013 which also led to their opening for Paramore and Fall Out Boy the summer of 2014. They played a total of five songs from this album with “Harlem” being their encore song. They played two from their first album, including “Yeah Yeah Yeah,” six from Vikings, and five from their latest album.

Midway through the show they, of course, took a dance break as their lead singer David Boyd is big into dance breaking. From what I know, he does a little routine at every show and he certainly went for it this show. He danced for a few minutes and then went straight into “Goodbye Copenhagen.” The first time I saw them I was pretty far back from the stage so it was hard to see but I could see the tiny man on the stage at the front of the amphitheater was tearing up the stage.

The set list in order was: Loyalties, Istanbul, West End Kids, Dignity, 50 ft Tall, Tonight You’re Perfect, Color Green, Overcome (acoustic)***, Goodbye Copenhagen, Lifeboat, Everywhere, Aristocrat, Lovers, CIA, Fall Into These Arms, One Of Us, Yeah Yeah Yeah, and Harlem. 

The band as a whole (and individually) has great stage presence. The drummer was constantly up and down from his seat throwing his hands in the air to get the crowd to clap or make some noise or just get the energy going. Soren, the guitarist was back and forth, getting up close with the lucky ones in the front row, and more. Even when he switched to playing the piano on the other side of the stage he put in his all. At the end of the last song he was playing on the piano he started banging the keys with his fists, his arms, and his head with his hair flying everywhere. During the song “One Of Us” the singer went stage right and grabbed the hand of one of the people in the front row and told everyone to hold hands and throw them in the air. He then said they were going to get a wave going so he started the dance and had everyone follow suit until it went around the whole room. The fans ate it up. There is no doubt, watching this group, that they are having fun on stage.

New Politics puts on a great show, their live instrumentation is just as good as the recorded album and they have fun doing it, and it shows. My only complaint is strictly from a photographer’s perspective – the lighting was so dark it was hard to get a lot of good crisp/clean pictures. But that’s not why they’re there. They are there to play the music the fans love and to give them a show. And for that I have to say that the show I saw on Sunday night did not fall short. I can’t wait to see what these guys do next and hope they put out some new music soon.

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Getting Political On a Sunday Night: New Politics at The Blind Tiger

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