The Dangerous Summer at Blind Tiger

The Dangerous Summer opened for The Early November Tuesday night for an intimately sized crowd at The Blind Tiger. I was surprised at the pretty small number of people that came out to the show considering The Early November has been a pop punk staple for a decent chunk of time now. The Dangerous Summer has also been around for a while but never got the same traction. Regardless, I was still surprised by the lower turnout, even for a Tuesday night.

While Ace Enders of The Early November mentioned the small crowd and thanked everyone for coming out, it did not take away from the energy of the show. Ace talked a lot while on stage and really made a point to engage with the crowd by telling stories about his musical past as well as his family. Personally I love when artists engage with the

crowd and share inspirations, but I know some people would just prefer to hear the songs…up to personal choice on how you feel about this one.

The Dangerous Summer played a decent set of nine songs, a third of which were from their newest album, self-titled released in 2018. However, they did not let fans down and included some of their most loved songs such as Where I Want To Be and The Permanent Rain as their closer.  Just before starting their last song they had everyone in the audience pull out their phones and turn the flashlights on. Then as the song progressed the singer jumped down into the crowd and everyone circled around him while he sang his heart out. Of the whole show this moment was by far my favorite. The energy of the room increased exponentially and having a small crowd in a moment like this made it feel even more special…he was singing to each individual 

person in that room and they were all singing with him.

If you’ve been a pop-punk fan for a while, you’ve probably listened to Every Avenue. Why is this relevant to this review? Well the guitarist from EA, Josh Withenshaw has been on tour with The Dangerous Summer for a while now. He has also toured with Anarbor a few years back on Warped Tour. So it’s always fun to see a familiar face for a little throwback!

I’m going to be honest, the energy on stage with TDS was mediocre…especially in comparison to the other two bands. Do I think they put on a good show? Sure…but it just didn’t seem like they wanted to be there as much as everyone else wanted them to. It was energetic, but just okay. Overall I think I’d give the show a 7/10.

Check out some photos of the show here!

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