Too soon for Christmas music? Never.

Want to listen to Christmas music but not feel conventional this year? Want a punky, badass edge to those traditional, cheery holiday songs? Then you have to check out Punk Goes Christmas. This surprisingly awesome collection features artists such as William BeckettAll Time LowNew Found Glory, and Crown The Empire, to name just a few. Each band covers a traditional Christmas song, adding their own punk flare and turning the songs into ones you haven’t heard a million times before.

Fearless Records produced their first Punk Goes… compilation album in 2000 with Punk Goes Metal. The album featured some pretty big names in punk-rock, such as New Found GloryAFI, and the Aquabots. The music label has since released thirteen other Punk Goes… albums as of 2013.

This compilation has a great mix of softer, more conventional holiday-style songs, like New Found Glory’s “Nothing For Christmas,” William Beckett’s “Do You See What I See” and Jason Lancaster’s “All I Can Give You,” as well as heavier tunes, like Man Overboard’s “Father Christmas” and Issues’ “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.”


Although I, personally, wouldn’t necessarily classify The Summer Set as punk, their rendition of “This Christmas” definitely has their name written all over its electronic vibe. And every time I listen to Set It Off’s version of “This Christmas (I’ll Burn It To The Ground)” all I can think of is the soundtrack to “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and how much I now want to watch the movie. It’s got the creepy banter and electric violin rips in the background…It’s Tim Burton meets the Grinch. And it’s without a doubt one of my favorites on the album.

If this holiday season you’re ready for something different to listen to but still yearn for the classics, Punk Goes Christmas has your name written all over it. Thank you Fearless Records for yet another weirdly perfect collision of two completely different musical ideas.


[This is a repost from BU Central Music Blog, Nov 18, 2013.]